Vicars Close

Wells is one of two cities in Somerset and is the smallest city in England.It is located in the Mendip Hills area of Somerset and it has been one of the focal points during its long history. Named after 3 wells in the area, Wells became an important centre during the Saxon period with an initial church being founded around 704. Parts of the cathedral as seen today were started around the 10th century, but as with most buildings, there has been some major changes over the years. The historic cathedral buildings dominate the city with the main building featuring ornate carving and is famous for its 24 hour astronomical dial and a set of jousting knights that perform every quarter hour.

The Vicars' Close just north of the cathedral is one of the oldest and best preserved surviving original streets in the country with 27 buildings dating back to the 14th Century.

Wells Cathedral School is a highly regarded music orientated public school with a long history.

On the south side of the cathedral is the Bishop's Palace which is a very impressive fortified building with a moat.

Wells deservedly attracts a large number of tourists every year and it is very beautiful and impressive to anyone who appreciates fine buildings.

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